Fresh Australian Kale

Just add Kale

Kale is a nutritional powerhouse, a great fibre booster and source of vitamin C, A & K.

Kale is extremely versatile. As a starting point anything that can be done with Silverbeet or English Spinach can be substituted with Kale.


and add raw to a salad, sprinkle over a homemade pizza or bake in the oven for a healthy snack

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with your favourite fruits and vegetables for a refreshing and healthy juice or smoothie

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stir-fried, sautéed and served with eggs on toast or simply slice and toss through pastas and risottos

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Homegrown Produce of Australia

Available 12 months of the year with an increase in volumes available through Spring and Summer.

Kale can be grown both hydroponically and in the field. Hydroponics is simply growing plants with nutrients and water without the need for soil. The benefits of growing hydroponically are many including; less land surface required, elimination of soil borne pests and diseases and less water usage. A hydroponic crop will use 10% of the water it takes to grow the same crop in the field.

The Hydro Produce family has been farming since the 1940’s and was an early pioneer in growing Kale for the Australian commercial market.

Our key farming location for Kale is Peats Ridge NSW.  Here we grow Kale hydroponically all year round, we harvest daily on demand and send fresh to stores across the country.